“Store”container collection

designed by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Products that can be applied with a freedom
born through the transformation of
Japan’s unique craftsmanship

A project "Japan Creative" aimed at widely communicating the excellent aesthetic sense of Japanese people and traditional-based technology to both domestic and overseas. Under the project, "STORE" was born in collaboration with Industrial Facility (Sam Hecht & Kim Colin) which is active based in the UK.

"STORE" is a collection of multipurpose containers that can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and offices. There are two sizes for each of the two designs round and oval.

The starting point of the design is a traditional and iconic Japanese lacquer ware bowl. "STORE" is like a design that stretched up with the shape of the bowl as the bottom. The body is made of ABS resin by injection molding, the lid is made of wood (stopper) and the round type is attached with silicon packing.

"STORE" has become a product that can also adapt to modern lifestyles by manipulating the traditional form. I put each good point of the past and present into one product. From coffee beans to keys, wheat flour to rubber bands, "STORE" can accommodate any small storage of life.

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