Four business of Sekisaka Shikki

We are developing four businesses, OEM production of dishes, wooden lacquerware, retail industry, with plastic lacquerware as the main axis.

1. Planning, manufacturing,
wholesale of plastic lacquerware

Planning, manufacturing, wholesale of plastic dishes (mainly made of ABS resin) for wholesalers. We have a track record of introducing systems lunch boxes and trays to various locations with good skill. We also have been developing business tableware for specialized fields such as airplane, school meals and medical institutions.

2. OEM production

We do OEM business of planning and manufacturing of plastic lacquerware according to customer's request. Leverage the expertise gained in planning and manufacturing of plastic lacquerware for many years, we will respond to various needs. We have done a lot of plastic lacquerware for airline meal so far and have earned high praise by introducing it to various airlines.

3. Planning and manufacturing
of wooden lacquerware

We are planning and manufacturing wooden lacquerware for retail stores. Using woodturning and lacquer painting, we aim to transfer those original technology and further evolve, we are developing products of dishes and household goods which are close to the modern life.

4. Retail store management

We sell lacquerware at other directly operated retail stores started in 2005 and sell other daily necessities and design miscellaneous goods. Instead of simply selling things, we aim to be a hub-like place in the area as a place to connect people to goods and thing.


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3-53, Katayama-cho, Sabae-shi,
Fukui 9161223 JAPAN